The latest phenomenon in how individuals search for information can be obtained through this social bookmarking service. Simply create an account, and start saving your websites of interest, including your own, so other members and information technologists can use your information to educate themselves on like-minded queries. The initial benefits include:

  • Efficient Bookmarking Anywhere

    Enjoy the freedom of submitting to over 2000 sites per day, without the use of a browser or operating software.

  • Indefinite Profiling Capability

    Every 72 hours, Neo Bookmark enjoys the additional creation of 20,000 unique and active accounts, providing its social bookmarking clients with an ever-increasing site list at their fingertips.

  • Expand Your Range

    Easily hurdle most decaptcher codes that can interfere with automated software technology by using our stay-smart technology that can bypass most captcha language, and open new doors of exposure.

  • Broadcast Your Keywords 24/7

    Stop wasting time with manual bookmarking and software applications that leave the indexing up to you. Neo Bookmark applies this technology automatically!

  • Accomplish More with Speed

    Enjoy the fasting social bookmark service available to increase search engine indexing, backlinks, traffic and sales for your business.

  • Conquering Lifeless Sites

    Websites are created and abandoned every hour of every day, thanks to their ease in creation and low-maintenance existence. Neo Bookmark will not allow your backlinks to lie lifeless on an abandoned site, negating your backlink abilities and benefits. We examine our list daily, while adding new social bookmarking sites at the same rate, to insure you are getting the most out of our service.

Our Customers Are Saying

First of all I would just like to say, I have always quite liked all that stuff about Social Bookmarking, though not that stable, you first place your chosen keywords as a method of linking which is useful, and sites like Pligg have taken out over 5 thousands of these links and counting, but there are some benefits which have always survived on these sites over time:

1) They always help almost immediate indexing of pages
2) Cascading pages can get them a cool boost
3) Pages of low competition niches can be ranked with social bookmarking pretty easily.
4) The process is very cheap
5) There are many tools that can provide the process automatically
6) There are plenty of social bookmarking sites to provide a range of domain links

But besides all the benefits, over time the process was over promoted and their start faded. Most of them were thrown into a well-tended bed of spam which we grow here quite frequently. We also know that for every six advantages we write we will always have some annoying drawbacks when we want to perform this action:

Can we do Bookmarking manually?
Yeah, sure. Nobody has thought of this before.

Maybe we can do bookmarking with software like, Auto Pligg, Bookmarking Demon or Xrumer?
Who has power in this process?

SB involves picking lists of sites, see which sites work for what software, filter the lists, perform account creation with a success rate of less then 20%, then confirm registration through email with again a 20% success rate from the original 20% before. Also did I mention paying for Captcha bypass?

We’ll try to do it with SenukeX Bookmarking?
The whole world has been quietly using this list and you can not even add your own sites.

Well then why not do Bookmarking through freelancers?
Who has the power to search each time a new site after the first set are closed, including waiting two days for the report if it comes at all and he created one of the others.

So this time I would like to mention one of the solutions of the most elegant I’ve come across without even noticing one of the problems I’ve mentioned above, and in fact I have used this service more in the last 2 months with Bookmarking in such volumes as I never thought I’d do in my whole life.

So what is it?

The service is called NeoBookmark and there’s nothing like a little demo video I took from their site to save us a lot of words and give you an idea here of the process of creating a project and submitting.

But anyway, what is it about this service that is making users like myself so enthusiastic about Social Bookmarking?

Pre-prepared is a list of Bookmarking sites PR0 – PR5, want to add your own site? Enjoy, it is also possible, but you do not have to. Even their basic list is updated all the time, every day it checks again to examine if sites have become inactive or if inactive sites are active again. All you have to do as a new user is load “credits” that is money:

For $10, for example, you can get 5000 credits to the site, each credit = Submission to a site without Captcha. If you use a site with Captcha you need to use 10 credits, if you choose to vote for your news, (20 votes or so) you use a couple more points. Needless to say you do not have to worry about any part of the bookmarking process; it is all done in the background and by the system.

There’s no need to open accounts on the sites, confirm emails or ensure success rates. You pay only for the submissions that succeed, which you can see real-time with reports that are continually being refreshed during the running of your job itself. Also each submission is done with a new profile, not just one single profile which contains all your bookmarking work. Unlike most programs. This prevents your single account being later deleted along with all the work you have done. The full report at the end can be downloaded as a CSV file with details of the profile page, link to the submitted bookmark all accurate, and all with a 100% success rate. That is if you asked to send 100 Bookmarks the report will eventually, (and very fast,) come back with 100 Bookmarks living and active.

Of course there are all the usual benefits:

- Ability to spin your content

- Create projects and set timing, example you can run a job all day tomorrow or just put a URL in and schedule the Bookmarking. Suppose you want to submit 10 Bookmarks everyday for however long it takes to reach 100 or 1000 or whatever you want. It’s a reat experience for new pages or pages you want to maintain position for targeted low competition keywords.

- You can choose the kind of site you submit too, more quality, less quality, based on PR, with or without Captcha and more.

- All the reports of your previous work are neatly stored in the system for future use, (your profiles are bombardment with something else maybe?)

- There is an interesting option for anyone interested in doing it in large scale or interested in reselling the service as your own. You can buy their API’s automated system and run it on a private server of your speed. It’s great for anyone who uses very large amounts of these links or sells Bookmarking and SEO services, the price I am not sure of and you need to discuss with the Neo owners on a case by case basis.

- The graphical interface is convenient and nice, and I did not get to try it but it seems that they even have technical support.

Of course the most important point…. Price …. The price is just cheap. Cheaper then everything else and the service is more reliable and faster. Just as an example, last week I purchased a $10 package and got 5000 credits, has been used on 31 different projects, (each project had links to another page) my total bookmarking numbers were approximately 1000 links, (again I mention, 1000 = 100% success of 1000,) and I still have 2147 credits from the 5000 I purchased. You do the math and tell me if it’s worth it.
And to return to the title

So it’s basically the answer to how I love Social Bookmarking, that I found a tool which is simple, convenient, inexpensive, with a perfect success rate and has options to be scalable. The program does not even need to be downloaded to your computer, meaning no worrying about the thousands of Trojans that are pushed onto me. I am not normally one to make such a direct recommendation to something, but when I can take a tool and say that the reason I came to love a type of links or particular job, I think in this case Neo Bookmark certainly deserves all the credit, and so I must recommend it.

Tal p.

  • Hey guys, I can highly recommend this services. I used it on a moderate keyword in the finance niche. The site was brand new, and with Neo 1k bookmarks got me to spot 15 & 58 for a 23k and 27k local exact keywords!

    Client from forum
  • I sent Neo an 1000 bookmark last night for a site i had literally reg'd and built probably 1-2 hours before ordering. I sent about 5 or 6 anchors I believe to try and diversify.

    Well, just received my report and i'm already sitting at 43 & 45 for 2 of the 3 target terms! Out of 1k, to those ranks on an approximately 24 hour reg'd domain... can't beat it!

    Client from forum
  • 1K bookmark for a week old site with only a little backlinking done to date.

    Speed - 5/5 - less than 24 hours

    Price - 5/5 - about $10 - $13 base on list sites

    Communication - 5/5 - nice and simple, filled in the form, got a full excel report within 24 hours

    Most importantly, rankings -

    Keyword 1: #7 --> #4
    Keyword 2: #10 -->#5
    Keyword 3: #18 --> #6
    Keyword 4: #62 --> #9

    Keywords range from 6k exact global to 35k exact global

    Overall 5/5 - Very satisfied. Highly recommended, will definitely be use Neo again

    Client from forum
  • I have 1K bookmark a few days ago and i want to say what a great service this is, delivered less than a day and my 2 keywords i sent Neo are now ranking in the top 10. Will definitely be bookmark a few more in the future!

    Client from forum
  • I thought I'd give this social book marking service a try, what the heck it's only $19 for 10K points. I provided Neo a money site that was stuck on #14 in Google for the primary key term. Then turned around the bookmarking job in about 18 hours and I'm ECSTATIC. Before the run was even over the site jumped from #14 to #6 in Google. Can't ask for more then that for $19.

    Client from forum
  • Of course the most important thing is rankings, and I wouldn't expect a big movement in just a few hours, but I have already moved up 3 places for this very competitive term. So I'm sure there will be more upwards movements over the next few days. I'm very glad I got this and I think it's a great service.

    I noticed I got a little bit of traffic from two of the sites with Auto Voted feature, although your goal should of course be rankings movements and not traffic.

    Client from forum
  • Report was sent in a well laid out spreadsheet with main URL, PR of site and the link to the post. Something I liked about Neo service is they weren't just nothing Pligg sites. Many of the sites had unique themes and seem actual live sites that get used for real social media rather than than just posting links.

    The URL (I used TLD) and keywords I chose were a true test as the site is a brand new e-commerce site and competitive 2 word KWs that were not previously ranked at all were used. Also other than meta data there is no content on the home page. Being that there had been no other link building done on the site it was easy to literally watch the links appear in Google as they got indexed. That tells me that the sites he posted to were actively be visited by the search engines.

    KWs that were not ranked at all are now sitting at 19 and 38 Imagine if I had only used 1 KW giving it 1000 links!

    Client from forum
  • To be honest I haven't expected much from this service. Really pleased with the results. Bookmark 1K for a 1 day old site, after 1-2 days sitting in 1st page for 4/10 targeted keywords

    Client from forum
  • I got my report yesterday for 1K bookmark and I can say, this service was very good. The report in excel file, some bookmarks have direct link and some other not and for the result: my site move from #43 -> #12

    Client from forum
  • I just received my report as well. It was a quick, 24 hour turn around . The 1000 links were well done. The report was detailed showing the keyword, main url of the bookmarked sites with their PR, the link to my pages, and the direct links pointing to my site. If you already have bookmarks pointed to your main index page, this is great for throwing links at your inner pages. I would rate this a 5/5 because everything was exactly as advertised, and what I expected.

    Client from forum
  • Testimonials

    I tried a competitive software and it was a nightmare! I'm no SEO genius, but I'm not a novice either and I had a hard time using it. Neo was truly an answer to my prayers and now I look forward to my social bookmarking duties instead of dreading them. The system is very user-friendly, and it can be accessed from anywhere since it's online-based – I can go from PC at work to MAC at home! And the detailed reporting is the best I've seen yet – it even lists my bookmarked links so I can check them myself.

    The customer service is also phenomenal. Within 24 hours of finding out about NEO and reaching out to their team, I got very knowledgeable and friendly help from Josh and Le. And they have been helping me every step of the way to get set up and use the service optimally.

    I am really excited to get started with NEO and I highly recommend it to anyone who needs an easy, efficient and effective way to bookmark.

    — Brittany Shelley, Xcellimark.

    Neo Bookmark providing amazing service for social bookmarking. I found it last week and when i used it its perfect and submission ratio great. This tool is totally automatic and don't need to create accounts on social bookmarking sites just put your job and go to sleep the day after see your keyword in Google. I got best results with this tool and many of my sites keyword on first page now just because of Neo Bookmark.

    Auto vote feature provide you main page backlinks and tons of traffic from social bookmarking sites. I have used bookmarking diamon and other bookmarking tool but its so simple and fast and good submission ratio and the amazing thing you don't need to wait for submission captcha its auto captcha image solving.

    Neo Bookmarks helping me alot in my SEO campaign.

    Hindi SMS.